Posted on: August 26, 2009 8:41 am

Fire Pinella Today!!!

Sorry guys, but I can't help it today, I have to vent.  Last night was an embarASSment!  15 - 6 to the worst team in baseball at home with your "ace" on the mound?!?!??!?!  There is enough excuse from last night alone to fire Pinella on the spot today.  But, what about Lou's response to this crap?  His words, " Well, it was only one game.  They're (Nationals) a very athletic team that can hit well.  And they've been playing good lately.  I don't know, what can I say?"  To paraphrase you Lou Pinella, "You're not a manager, you're a piece of bleep!"  Look, now's the time to let the dragon out Lou!  Now when your team, who was a supposed "championship caliber" team just got their arses handed to them in front of 40,000 fans by a minor league team with the return of the sorriest excuse of an ace of a staff, is the time to show the fire in your 52 inch belly that got Cub fan excited when the sorriest excuse of a General Manager hired you!  What the hell is the point of you being here any more if all you do is tip your cap and call it "another game"?  Can you make it any more obvious that all you want right now is to be fired so you can still get paid?  We all know you didn't become dumb all of a sudden over the last few months and that you don't even want to win with this team, and that quitting would mean no more money for Lou this year and next.  So why would you think that we became dumb also by saying you want to come back next year?  I hate saying it Cub fans, but this is our team for the next few years, because they can't fire the players.  So if Lou can't and won't win with this team this year, what in Gods name would make anyone think he could win with them next year?  So why not just do the one thing that Lou really wants more than anything right now and FIRE HIM!!!  I'm not completely sold just yet on Ricketts coming in and making all things heavenly just yet.  I'll know he's serious if we start seeing names like Crane Kenney, Jim Hendry, Oneri Fleita, and even some unknown organizational names get the axe right away.  Like I said, Cub fans have to suck it up and deal with this crap on the field for a few years now because Ricketts will have no money to spend due to the interest alone on the loan he had to take out to buy this sorry franchise.  It will be at least a few years before he actually will be in the positive.  So what is the cheapest way to produce a good team?  By building within.  And this has been an impossible action by the entire organization since the Tribune took over.  No General Manager since then has ever known how to draft and there has been no player development within the farm system to go along with it.  So there needs to be an entire organizational overhaul.  I want all ties from the Tribune to be cut.  Only then will I believe the new owner took this franchise over to win a World Series and not just make the bottom line dollar.  But this sorry excuse of what used to be Lou Pinella needs to go now, right now, while the taste of bile is still in every Cub fan's mouth after last night's display of a waste of millions and millions of dollars.  Get the hell out of my team's duggout you "piece of bleep"!!!!!!!!
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Posted on: August 14, 2009 11:27 am

Thank God for the Bears!!!

Well guys, it's been a few years since this sentence has come out of my mouth but, Thank God for the Bears!  I haven't completely given up on the Cubbies this year, which I think if you are born into this world as a true Cub fan it is physically impossible to give up on a team that has lost for over 100 years, when umm, they lose.  I think if you attempt to give up on them you would spontaniously combust, which I believe is the real curse of this team.  It's us, the fans, not the goat or the black cat or Bartm... sorry, I promised to leave him alone.  Yep, you can't be mad at the Cubs for losing, that's just what they do.  But there usually comes a point in the season that you just can't bear to watch them every day or else you may go through a few TVs, which are becoming really expensive these days.  So now's a good time to let them wonder off for a little while, checking in from time to time, still reading about them for a few minutes each day as you sit on the crapper reading the Sports section.  What's frustrating about this year is that we haven't really had to go through this since a man named Dusty was allowing the inmates to run the asylum.  We've had a feeling that we were getting close for a couple years now, but it's the same story every few years and at the end of every Cub manager's term.  The weight of losing piles on and the knees eventually give out.  Brenly will take over next year and the vicious cycle of high hopes followed by millions of hearts being ripped out with the eventual Hindenberg type disater and the end of a career for whoever is managing the team.  But seriously, can anyone think of a better adrenaline rush coupled with roller coaster emotions than the life of a Cubs fan?  As true of a statement as there is: The anticipation of (fill in the blank) is more exciting than (fill in the blank) itself.  When it does happen, AND IT WILL HAPPEN, I truely belive the world will end because what really could ever top the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series?  So this is why I am now enjoying life and other sports as much as I can and not letting them bring me down because once it happens we're all gone, right?  Sorry for getting a little too philosophical on ya.  But really, these next couple of weeks are just going to be a tease because they play PIT, SD, and WAS, whom they will probably either sweep or at least win series from all three (God help them if they don't), but it still proves nothing.  This team is just not able to play to the level of the top teams in the NL this season.  Too much finger pointing on this one to even start.  But that's why we should all be thankful this year for good ol' Mr. George Halas and his dream of creating the perfect escpape for every Cub fan once they've reached their El Nino esque boiling point every three years or so, the NFL.  And let us begin to enjoy what will be known as the Cutler Era for our beloved Chicago Bears.  So instead of dwelling on what the Cubs are doing now, I'm at the point that I'm expecting the worst and hoping for the best and anything the Cubbies can muster up now is just gravy.  My criticism of this team will be put on hold until after game #162 of the 09 season, which at that point I predict I will be discussing how to completely overhaul not just the team but the entire organization.  So I'll give the Cubs a nice pat on the back if they do win a few games from here on out but my excitement of what could be a really good thing happening at Solider field for years to come has officially over shadowed my dissapointment of this last, very joyful at times but depressing lately, run our Cubbies have had during Pinella's reign and his attempt to end the world.  Time to bring in the next round of high hopes.
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Posted on: August 12, 2009 10:09 am


These last few losses have got me thinking, similar to how I felt at the beginning of the season.  What is the characteristic of this team?  And how likable is this team really?  We know that they've been the Central Division Champs two years in a row, but have failed to even win a playoff game two years in a row.  And I posed the question before the season, "what during this season can they do that will make you believe that this year will be differernt, this is what they needed to win a playoff game?"  I still have yet to see anything that would make me believe that this team can do anything in the post-season.  In fact, one statistic that jumps out at me that shows not only will they not win a playoff game, but are in great danger of not even getting an opportunity to fail for a third straight year, is that this team is 2nd to last in the league with a .228 BA with runners in scoring position, a trait they wanted to show off to the fans again last night.  And if memory serves me, weren't they in the top 5, if not the top 2, last season in that category?  But that's what our Cubbies do, they don't just gradually fall from grace, they body slam them selves from top to bottom.  Which leads me to my point.  Who on this team can you honestly say is really likable and that you are actually rooting for?  I can really only think of a couple.  Last year there were so many likable guys on this team, most of them still here, but the likability, I feel, has faded for the most part, largely due to the high expectations and enormous salaries with minimal results.  Looking over this team guys like Soriano, Fukudome, Zambrano all are over paid, not hated by most, but just don't produce for what their contracts are worth.  Dempster played like a player in a contract year last year and is now playing like one who got his contract.  Harden is solid, for 6 innings only, and is just about due for another injury.  Lilly is a bulldog, but is hurt now and just doesn't seem to get the recognition of a staff ace because he isn't flashy, he just gets the job done.  Gregg was brought in as being the league leader in blown saves last year, so he's just doing what he does, blowing saves, which means you can't be mad at him, that's just what he does.  Marmol should be in the minors.  And Angel Guzman should be the set-up man but you can't hang your hopes on a good, but not great relief pitcher.  A-Ram is a stud when healthy, but that won't be the case for the rest of this year at least, and let's not forget, he only had 1 hit in the last two post-seasons combined.  We don't have a 2B so what's to root for there?  And one of if not the biggest disappointments this year has to be the can of Crisco sitting behind home plate, when he's healthy, Soto.  What a talent last year, and what a waste this year.  Soto looks as though he is having an affair on his first love, the game of baseball, with the bong and the buffet line.  How does a catcher actually become fatter during the season?  I thought it usually happend the other way around?  And like I've said many times this year, don't get me started on Bradley.  Just as soon as he kind of turns the corner and begins to earn 1/10 of his salary, he comes out with a quote along the lines of "Sure, go ahead and credit Lou for putting him the 2 hole as the reason for his recent production, not crediting Milton Bradley for pulling himself out of his slump like he told everyone he would do.  I told everyone to be patient and it would happen."  Patient?  PATIENT!?!??!?  Did he say be "patient" to Cub fans?  And let's not forget, it is Aug 12th, which means only 1 1/2 months left in the season.  So this $10 million man is on pace to drive in 50 runs this year and he wants us to be patient.  He couldn't have just said, yes I'm feeling better and it's starting to show on the field.  Instead, it's all about Milton Bradley, just as his 2:1 walks to RBI ratio show.  How can anyone root for this guy, ever?  And The-Riot will be Theriot, but even he showed he's not always Charlie Hustle, as Bob Brenly pointed out with frustration during the COL series.  And that's what Theriot has to do day-in-and-day out to make up for what he lacks in his natural talent.  But he can be very likable when he does.  And Jake Fox is Jake Fox, a good DH, but doesn't really have a spot on this team.  No, the only two guys on this team that I really feel are very likable and I find myself rooting for on a daily basis right now are Derrek Lee and Randy Wells.  Where would this team be right now without these two guys?  Just about everyone was ready to ship out Lee at the beginning of the season, for no good reason, and he's is by far their MVP, offensively, defensively, on the field, off the field, and I feel most likably guy.  And who before this year had ever even heard of Randy Wells?  Not me.  And if the season ended today with the Cubs in the playoffs, he's taking the mound in Game 1, in my opinion.  So what exactly does this all mean?  I don't really know.  All I know is that this has definitely been one of the more frustrating, strange, bizzare, (insert descriptive words here), Cub seasons that I can remember in a long time.  Kind of feels like 04 all over again.  I wonder if the Evil Stony would come back and finish the year here in the booth to pick a fight with Bradley so they can come up with another excuse on why they are completely underachieving.  But what else should we expect from our "lovable" Cubbies?
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Posted on: April 24, 2009 10:45 pm

Milton Bradley is Worthless!

I'm officially fed up with Milton Bradley and the season is less than 3 weeks old. Any athlete, whether professional or amatuer, can tell you that from the first day of the season to the last, you will never be 100 percent healthy. I've played in an amatuer baseball league for the last 7 years, 30 games in the regular season, every Mon and Fri so we do get three and two days off between games. And yes, I'm pretty sore when I wake up in the morning, but I still get my butt to work the next day and am ready to play once the next game comes up. I actually finished the final 4 games of the season last year on what turned out to be a stress fracture in my lower leg. I don't need 10 million reasons why I should go out and play the game, I do it because I love it. Now I know Bradley's financial value to his organization may be a little different than mine is to my team of guys, which may warrant his necessity to be able to perform at a high level. But how is he more valuable to his team than players like Andre Dawson or Dan Hampton who both played basically without knees? Do you think the Hawk ever told his manager that he shouldn't play because he wasn't feeling 100 percent? Was Dawson ever 100 percent? Which brings me to another question. What the hell are these athletes that are often hurt and can't play if they don't feel 100 percent doing during the off-season and in-season to stay in shape? They have one damn job! Perform physical activity! Don't tell me they don't have enough time or money to stay in shape all year round so they can go to work 3 hours a day, 6 months out of the year. I workout 5 days a week year round just to play amatuer baseball, oh and work a full time job. So what exactly is Bradley's worth to this team? Is it his .043 average? His team leadership (boycotting the media, while saying he'd prefer the smaller markets because he already feels villified by the media and fans, which isn't fair so he wants to stay out of the negativity. Did he not even look at the top of the contract to see what city he would be playing for? Or were all of those dollar signs blocking his view? Every player on the Cubs is under the microscope, they haven't won in over 100 years!). Or did his non-hustle to let a ball drop between him, Lee, and Miles that even Sosa on his worst day could have caught, really show his true character? A selfish, primadona that doesen't deserve to be in the profession he's being overpaid to perform. And if you think selfish is too harsh, why if unhealthy and unable to perform his job is he still appealing a 2 game suspension, when he clearly broke a rule by contacting the ref? So instead, when healthy, sorry, if healthy and the appeal is upheld he then can further hurt his team by missing a couple more games. And at this point I'm saying 80 games played this year sounds about right for Bradley. So far right field/middle of the line-up hitter and the bullpen look like the two major holes in this team. I seem to remember a couple of transactions that took place in the off-season that might have prevented these holes. Didn't we have a couple of guys that could have filled those holes? I don't know, I could be wrong. Way to make this a worse team this year Hendry! Who knows, if Cleveland is out of the race before the All-Star break they may be willing to trade us DeRo and Woody for a really high price. Now wouldn't that be poetic justice? I know, Iknow, trust me, I'm as big of a Cub fan as the next one. It's just that I get so pissed when I hear athletes that make this amount of money that don't feel like going to work when they feel a little owwie. And if it's an organizational decision, then that organization had better improve on their ability to judge talent and work ethic. So, now that I've been able to vent, let's hope these guys get their heads out of their you know whats, get past these distractions, and do what we know they can do. Take command of this winnable division and win a damn playoff game!
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Posted on: March 16, 2009 8:32 pm

What's It Gunna Take?


 The Cubbies 09 season is right around the corner!  But before we get as excited as we loyal, die hard, "This Is The Year", Cub fans always get, I have one question for you.  What thing or string of things that may happen during the season with this team is going to make you say, that's it, now I believe they have what it takes to win not only a playoff game but maybe a postseason series or two?  The 08 Cubs lead the National League in wins (97), 2nd in MLB in runs scored (855), 2nd in NL in hits (1552), 1st in NL in 2B (329), 5th in the NL in HR (184), 2nd in MLB in RBI (811), 2nd in NL in BA (.278), 1st in NL in Total Bases (2475), 1st in NL in SLG (.443), 1st in NL in runs allowed (671), 3rd in NL in ERA (3.87), 1st in MLB in pitching Ks (1264), 1st in MLB in BA against (.242), can you see where Im going?  And these are just the basic stats.  You look at these and you think,  how can a team be much better than this?  So I ask it again, what will be the "IT" that tells you, ok this really is the year.  Now don't get me wrong, I want the Cubbies to win it all just as much as any die harder does, but I just feel as though that this is going to be a strange year.  I've fallen back into that can't wait feeling to get the season started to listen to Ron and Pat and Len and Bob or see them play at Wrigley or like last year, at Milwaukee and Cincinnati, but I just can't over the idea that no matter how much fun this season might be, what's it gunna take to get a different end result than the last two years with this Cub team?

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Posted on: February 10, 2009 12:26 pm

Steroids in Baseball

Ok, I absolutely welcome the debate on this issue, but I want to try to clear the agument I've seen now on quite a few blogs and threads about whether or not steroids have any effect on the game of baseball.  First before I even talk about the effects that steroids can do to the human body, let me remind everyone that in the early 90's Fay Vincent, the commissioner of Baseball at the time, released a memo to all the owners stating that any performance enhancing drugs, including steroids, are banned from the game of baseball.  So whether or not anyone thinks that steroids do or do not give an advantage to players of the game, they are banned, or to make it clearer, ILLEGAL.  The same goes for corking of the bat or betting on the game itself or anyother items listed on the banned lists.  So, I still believe that when a substance or action is officially banned from the game and a player decides to break the baseball rules to accomplish personal gain, he should be considered a cheater of the game and should not be allowed to stand next to the true greats in Cooperstown.  Now some will say that Babe Ruth was drunk half of his games and Hank Aaron used amphetamines during his time and could be considered in the same categories as our current cheaters.  If there was no policy banning these substances from the game at the time of the occurances then they were not illegal.  And if there was and there is proof that these occurances did indeed take place then, yes they should be put in these categories.  And you know who has the power to do all of this?  Baseball.  Because not only is this a great debate for fans that, but should be the new message sent to inspiring young players of the game and for that matter all children who watch or hear about the players of the present and past.  That message should be is that there are no short cuts.  Do you really want your kids to think that it is ok to do drugs to try to become more successful in life as long as he or she says I'm sorry?  I know that everyone makes mistakes and they are better people once they fess up, but to then place these individuals among the greatest of all time, I think, is sending the wrong message to our youth.  And baseball has the ability to not only change the past but to stop making the same mistakes moving forward by not inducting these convicted cheaters of the game to the Hall of Fame.  Now, to get to the other part of the debate.  I've heard so many people talk about how steroids really don't alter the game because they don't improve things like hand-eye coordination.  Yes, you still have to take that 9 inch round bat and hit that 9 inch round ball and that takes a lot of God given natural talent and there there has not been conclusive research to determine that PEDs actually do increase the velocity of nerve conduction.  But what exactlly do PEDs do?  They increase the amount of testosterone or human growth hormone in the body which in turn increase the body's ablility to develope muscle tissue,  more specifically, fast twitch muscle.  With a greater developement of fast twitch muscle, these muscles can then perform at a higher level, hence faster bat speed, faster throwing motion.  Now correct me if I'm wrong, but don't physics state that an object in motion remians in motion unless there is an action in which for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction?  And force is equal to the change in momentum per change in time, isn't that right?  What this is saying is if there is greater force applied (faster bat speed, arm motion going faster) there will be a great reaction (ball traveling further, pitch traveling faster).  This is directly how PEDs have effected the game of baseball.  And I haven't even mentioned how with the increased ability for the body to develope muscle fiber comes an increase of the resting metabolic rate, or metabolism.  With an increased metabolism the body recovers from damage to the tissues of the body (muscle, ligaments, tendons) dues to exercise or injury, hence recovery time now shortens.  So yes, cheaters of the present day may now play at a higher level for a longer period of time which again, directly effect the game of baseball.  Now I know that not everyone will share the same views and opinions of mine and others alike, but the facts on the effects of steroids in baseball and other sports can not be argued.  What is up for debate is how baseball should move forward with the process of recognizing those who should be considered the greatest who have ever played the game and those who we can tell our kids that they indeed were the best at what they did and in order to be the best they did it the right way.  Who's up for a debate?

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Posted on: February 9, 2009 3:56 pm

Hall of Fame*

Yes, an admission of guilt does make a difference, but not to the game of baseball itself, only to the fans.  At least the fans who put their time and heart behind certain player may feel a little better about these individuals that cheated and admitted they were wrong, but for the game of baseball, nothing changes.  They still cheated.  Any player that has tested positve for any banned substance at any time should not be allowed in the Hall of Fame, unless they create a section just for accused or found cheaters of the game.  Does this effect other aspects of the game, yes.  Could players like Greg Maddux had another W or K because he faced cheaters, of course. Or other players that are on the fringe of being voted in but may not becuase they couldn't get that extra few stats because of cheaters, yes.  But this is where Baseball and Pud Selig need to step it up and create these policies.  There is no way the Hall of Fame voting process can be the same way it has been because of this new era.  If Pete Rose is not allowed in the Hall, how can Bonds, or Rodriguez, or McGuire, or Sosa, or Clemens?  And we will probably never know exatcly how many players have tested positive, but the Hall of Fame should, even if they don't make it public. 

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Posted on: February 7, 2009 6:06 pm

Maddux, Greatest Pitcher of his Era

This A-Fraud thing should not come at a suprise to anyone.  There are only a few players that played at such a high level from the mid 80's to the present day that might even be considered clean.  It started at the big league level, but the minor leaguers began to catch on, no pun intended, and realized that to even make it to the big leagues they had to do what ever it takes.  And once they made it, you really think that they just stopped?  Of course not.  Thet Major League is just the tip of the iceberg.  And you think that because they'd implimented at testing policy a few years back the sport is now clean, hence HGH, which is still very hard to test for.  But there is one player that I do believe will come out of all of this mess clean and will be considered the greatest pitcher of his era, Greg Maddux.  I can't wait to see him standing at the podium giving his speach after he's elected to the Hall of Fame on his first ballot.

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