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Fire Pinella Today!!!

Posted on: August 26, 2009 8:41 am
Sorry guys, but I can't help it today, I have to vent.  Last night was an embarASSment!  15 - 6 to the worst team in baseball at home with your "ace" on the mound?!?!??!?!  There is enough excuse from last night alone to fire Pinella on the spot today.  But, what about Lou's response to this crap?  His words, " Well, it was only one game.  They're (Nationals) a very athletic team that can hit well.  And they've been playing good lately.  I don't know, what can I say?"  To paraphrase you Lou Pinella, "You're not a manager, you're a piece of bleep!"  Look, now's the time to let the dragon out Lou!  Now when your team, who was a supposed "championship caliber" team just got their arses handed to them in front of 40,000 fans by a minor league team with the return of the sorriest excuse of an ace of a staff, is the time to show the fire in your 52 inch belly that got Cub fan excited when the sorriest excuse of a General Manager hired you!  What the hell is the point of you being here any more if all you do is tip your cap and call it "another game"?  Can you make it any more obvious that all you want right now is to be fired so you can still get paid?  We all know you didn't become dumb all of a sudden over the last few months and that you don't even want to win with this team, and that quitting would mean no more money for Lou this year and next.  So why would you think that we became dumb also by saying you want to come back next year?  I hate saying it Cub fans, but this is our team for the next few years, because they can't fire the players.  So if Lou can't and won't win with this team this year, what in Gods name would make anyone think he could win with them next year?  So why not just do the one thing that Lou really wants more than anything right now and FIRE HIM!!!  I'm not completely sold just yet on Ricketts coming in and making all things heavenly just yet.  I'll know he's serious if we start seeing names like Crane Kenney, Jim Hendry, Oneri Fleita, and even some unknown organizational names get the axe right away.  Like I said, Cub fans have to suck it up and deal with this crap on the field for a few years now because Ricketts will have no money to spend due to the interest alone on the loan he had to take out to buy this sorry franchise.  It will be at least a few years before he actually will be in the positive.  So what is the cheapest way to produce a good team?  By building within.  And this has been an impossible action by the entire organization since the Tribune took over.  No General Manager since then has ever known how to draft and there has been no player development within the farm system to go along with it.  So there needs to be an entire organizational overhaul.  I want all ties from the Tribune to be cut.  Only then will I believe the new owner took this franchise over to win a World Series and not just make the bottom line dollar.  But this sorry excuse of what used to be Lou Pinella needs to go now, right now, while the taste of bile is still in every Cub fan's mouth after last night's display of a waste of millions and millions of dollars.  Get the hell out of my team's duggout you "piece of bleep"!!!!!!!!
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